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Arnaldo Richards’ Picos Restaurant is a Houston culinary institution helmed by owner and Executive Chef Arnaldo Richards. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Richards comes from three generations of restaurateurs, and it was there that he began his culinary career. By his 14th birthday, he was able to deftly maneuver his way around the kitchen as a promising young cook and embarked upon this journey that would become a lifelong endeavor. Today, Arnaldo Richards’ Picos Restaurant, located in Houston’s prestigious Upper Kirby neighborhood, is one of Houston’s premier Mexican restaurants focusing primarily on Regional Mexican cuisine.

At Pico's, we are proud to be innovators in more ways than one– building a strong foundation and working relationship alongside master distillers and master blenders of agave spirits, we have been able to bring an element of uniqueness to our bar program. Arnaldo has shared both his passion and knowledge of agave spirits with his eldest daughter, Monica, who now hand-selects premium tequilas for what is considered the largest private barrel program in the country. 

Dating back to 1989, Picos has been known as “the birthplace of the shaker margarita” and is celebrated for pouring premium spirits blended with the freshest juices and ingredients. The shaker margarita brought a level of sophistication and personality to the experience at Picos that has enticed people to keep coming back for over 38 years. In fact, Urban Legend has it that the General Manager of the first Chili’s Bar & Grill in Houston was a regular customer at Pico's, and not too long after, the plastic shakers were seen across the nation at Chili’s everywhere… coincidence?

Building the rich history that Picos has offered the Houston community has been supported by the endeavors of Co-Owner, Operating Partner, and Arnaldo’s wife, Janice. Picos today remains an intense source of passion for the Richards family. While Arnaldo continues on as Executive Chef, the restaurant is a true family enterprise with family members in every position from head hostess to managers and marketing team!

As we continue to stay true to tradition, we are also dedicated to keeping up with the times, and we continue to take a modern approach to our offerings, delighting guests with innovative, rich, and bold cuisine. Our culinary team is passionate about teaching diners what Mexican gastronomy has to offer!

“After 40 years in the business, my passion is still cooking, and I wake up each morning proud to serve as an ambassador for genuine Mexican cuisine” - Arnaldo Richards.